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April 12th , 2010

New to Renderosity, Angst Hair for V4,A4,G4, Jaythen Hair for Cookie, and Billie Hair for V4,A4,G4 and Cookie. Between Emo-Punk, Elegance, and Sporty-Fun, this is quite the combination for the marketplace in April ! I have to say though, I had more fun working with Angst Hair than any of them. I love working with the bright popping neon pinks, greens and purples and I just kept feeling like i should add a 'Hello Kitty!' t-shirt to the renders. If you take the time to google 'Emo Hair' , you'll see what style I was trying to accomplish with this hair and I honestly think I came pretty close.


New Artwork

April 12th , 2010

ILast month I told you I was working on a character for Cookie. Well here she is! Kalika for Cookie, which you can find in my store at RuntimeDNA. This is a preview of her from a Gallery image from Renderosity. Note she is wearing Jathen Hair, which is now also available for Cookie at Rendo! Ok, so now onto this outfit. I honestly have to say I think this is the cutest outfit for Cookie available out there. It's called 'Cherry Blossom for Cookie' by LittleFox. The monarch butterfly texture is by Sarsa, which is just as seamless and pretty as anything she ever makes. You can find it on RDNA, 'Blossoms and Bugs'. And as always, a background by Sveva. So now I'm wondering...should I do more Cookie characters?

Steam Girl

What's New?

Spring 2010

So working on a 'accessory' for V4,A4,G4 with a LOT of mats. It's not likely every set I made will be available for Cookie, as not every set is easy to create for Cookie. Also expect some tennis attire for Cookie coming this next weekend.

A thought on being a top vendor. I didn't go to school for this...I used to just make little sig tags and banners (which were pretty awful) a few years ago, then started playing with Poser/Daz Studio. Finding a love for Poser specifically, I've pushed myself to learn something new for it every single week since then. Learning something new, trying something new and improving upon your skills is how I honestly thing you can make top vendor. It's not as hard work as you think, HOWEVER, you DO have to treat it like a 9-5 job. A lot of hard work goes into content creation and if you want to make it work, then you have to do the work yourself. Far too many people give up or get a bad attitude because their 1st or 8th product doesn't become a hot seller. It just doesn't always work that way and even top vendors have products that bomb. so keep the faith and keep trying!

Requests: Well I don't take them all. It's not that I don't like other people's ideas, but every now and then, well your idea will 'click' with me. Sometimes it just won't. Nothing personal. So feel free to post some ideas in my request forum. I'll consider each and every one. Just not all.

Currently: I am working on opening yet another site. I started out in this business being very much into Psp tubes and 2D art. I had opened PC Graphic Solutions. Once I began modeling and made a success out of that, I sold PC Graphic Solutions to one of my members. Sadly, she passed away from lung cancer in December. Her husband passed the site back to me and I am currently working on putting a 3D community together on this site. Karen, we will miss you, but the site will live on in your honor!

In the future: We are moving in June-ish this year. I found a University on the other side of the state that provides 3D rendering and animation classes. I'm going to look into schooling so I can polish up my 3D modeling some. Probably part time so I can keep my stores going. So who knows, I might get better at this than I ever dreamed! So keep an eye out and watch my products grow!

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